Punch bowl cake recipe paula deen

Check this beautiful recipe and try it !

* Ingredients :

° One 17 1/4-ounce pack yellow cake mix

° Two 3 1/2-ounce pack instant vanilla pudding mix

° One 19-ounce can mashed pineapple, drained

° 6 medium bananas, sliced

° 2 pints strawberries

° One 24-ounce container Cool Whip


* Directions :

Prepared cake in 2 9 inch around pans according to instructions. Place 1 layer cake in bottom of a punch bowl. Join half pudding, half of pineapple, 3 divided bananas, half of strawberries, & half the Cooled Whip. Place other layer cake in Punch bowl over with rest pudding/ pineapple/ bananas/ also strawberries . Topping off with Cooled Whip & Spread Strawberry juice on upper .