Onion Blossom

Here is an aperitif recipe that I have seen a lot lately on social networks and that I really wanted to test because it looks like a big killer! This is a whole onion cut in the shape of a flower before being breaded and fried and then served with a sauce of your choice!

I suggest here a small pepper sauce with horseradish, but you are free to propose the recipe with any other sauce that suits you more! To make sure you get a pretty flower, be careful when cutting the onion so that it does not fall apart when frying.

* List of ingredients :

° 1 large sweet white onion

° 2.5 dl of milk

° 1 egg

° 200g of flour

° 1 cc. garlic powder

° 1 cc. paprika

° 1 cc. salt

° 1/2 cc. dried oregano

° 1/2 cc. black pepper

° 1/2 cc. cumin powder

° Frying oil

* For the sauce

° 4 tbsp. mayonnaise

° 2 cc. ketchup

° 2 cc. horseradish cream

° 1 cc. chilli powder

° 1/2 cc. oregano

° Salt and pepper

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