Easy Canned Biscuit Donuts

Mmmmmmm, tasty, easy, cheap and fast to make ❣️🍩!! Just give this favorite morning treat a shot and I promise you won’t spend money on stores doughnuts anymore !! Best of all, you can make them for birthdays or summer parties !! Defenitely a keeper !!


° Flour: 500 g

° Egg: 1

° Sugar : ½ glass measures 210 ml

° Oil: ¼ glass

° Dry baker’s yeast: 1 level tbsp

° Lemon zest

° Lukewarm water: 200 ml


1. Before you begin, dilute the yeast in a little lukewarm water with a little sugar. For this part, leave to foam around quarter an hour.

2. Then you’re going to get a bowl and combine in together the flour, sugar, egg, oil and lemon zest.

3. You’ll want to add, gradually, the yeast to the mixture and the lukewarm water to obtain a smooth paste.

4. And please cover and permit dough rest for about 60 minutes.

5. Make sure to degas the dough, flour the work surface and roll out the dough to a thickness of 1.5 cm.

6. Using a glass, cut circles (I always use a shortbread cookie cutter).

7. At this time, the donuts should be placed on a lightly floured tea towel, covered and let stand 45 min.

8. After that, heat the oil and fry them on both sides.

9. The last step is to drain them in a colander and coat them with still hot sugar.

10. I prefer to serve hot or warm with a good mint tea!